Bass Fishing Tips: Crawfish, Plastic Worms, Smallmouth Habitats and Catching the Big One

Bass fishing tips are swell to learn, but a pain the butt to keep track of. So many different tricks and techniques have proven efficient and effective to somebody somewhere that they will swear their little secret is the Holy Grail to reeling in the biggest bass in the water. Some bass fishing tips are applicable to just about any conditions, whereas other tips are only good for certain types of bass or certain kinds of fishing. The best thing to do is keep a bass fishing tip log into which you write all the hints and secrets you come across. You never know when you might be fishing for bass that calls for just that one specific piece of advice.

Bass Fishing with Crawfish
Fishing for bass with a bucketful of crawfish in the boat is a game of wait and see. The preferred methods for hooking crawfish for bass fishing are to fix that hook right through the eyes or to find the meatiest part of the tail and stick the hook there. The important bass fishing tip at play here is to refrain from injury since the entire enterprise of bass fishing with crawfish is dependent upon some lively action of your bait. Casting with crawfish is best accomplished with an overhand softball lob directed toward whatever structure in the water you have set your eyes on as a bass gathering spot. Take a tip from Fountains of Wayne and allow the crawfish to sink to the bottom before taking up the slack so that you give just the slightest little bow to the line.

Bass Fishing with Plastic Worms
The strategy for reeling in bass when using plastic worms as your bait is to exploit the predatory instincts of your prey. Here is a very useful bass fishing tip you should make sure you’ve got written in your tips journal: the clearer the water in which you are fishing for bass, the better you can exploit their reliance on vision to find their food. This means you should choose plastic worms in clear water that are the most realistic and natural in appearance. The best bet is to adopt translucence as your bass fishing bait style of choice. Grab a handful of plastic worms colored blue, green and smoky in appearance with a touch of metal that can reflect light enough to draw the bass’ attention. Increase your odds of success by using a scented worm or applying a scent to your bait that enhances the authenticity of the location.

Catching the Big Bass
Just about every lake contains one or more famous bass that are so big they qualify as definite trophies and you will likely hear a number of bass fishing tips from veterans who swear they landed the big fish briefly. You may not actually want to reel these guys in unless you are a local because you may upset those who’ve grown attached to the local lake celebrity. The best technique for finding the biggest and baddest bass in a lake is to use large crankbaits or spinnerbaits that take their sweet time. Take the approach of engaging in a very disciplined and precise presentation in which you ensure completely coverage with all your lures through a series of casts.

Where to Find Smallmouth Bass

Locating smallmouth bass is a fishing tip that you will hear a lot about and one that will change according to the specifics of the location. Bridge pilings sunk into deep water are usually an active habitat for smallmouth bass. When fishing for bass in rivers and streams, look for a gravel bar that is fairly decent in size and you will likely be rewarded with a population of smallmouth species all the way from spring through autumn. Bass fishing tips for the smallmouth varieties can clearly vary depending on the precise geography of the area, but a general tip that applies to just about all smallmouth fishing is to look for a place in the water where the current is broken by some kind of structure. In addition to pilings and gravel beds, you should keep an eye out for rocks, islands and sharp bluffs.

Feeling Dissatisfied? Capitalism and Big Business Could Be to Blame

How often have you felt that sinking in your gut of feeling dissatisfied? Have you ever found yourself feeling deep dissatisfaction with your life even when you’ve got everything anyone could possibly want? How often have you gotten something you worked really hard for, like a car or house or an iPhone and a day or two later you began feeling depressed?

That feeling of dissatisfaction you are feeling is, I’m sad to say, capitalism at work. Could there be other reasons for this feeling? Yes, of course, but before you give up on this article as just another wacko left-wing diatribe, consider that the entire capitalist system of free enterprise doesn’t need a communist conspiracy to bring it down. Capitalism would come crushing down the minute everyone became happy with their lives. Capitalism is an economic system built upon creating a culture of feeling dissatisfied. Take a moment to seriously consider this: Once all your needs are met and you no longer need to buy anything else except the essentials like food and clothing and fuel, you have essentially defeated all those CEOs making 100 million dollars a year while handing over millions to Congressmen urging them to vote down a raise in the minimum wage to a staggering eight or ten or fifteen or twenty dollars an hour. If you decided to stick with DVDs and CDs and five year old computers and never upgrade anything ever again, you would be able to accomplish what the Soviet Union never could.

Capitalism feeds on our dissatisfaction with life. How many parents out there have children who live in a room stuffed with toys and games and 150 channels of TV and the internet and ten or twenty times a week your children come to you say they are bored? Boredom is simultaneously the greatest enemy of capitalism and its greatest weapon. If you don’t get bored with what you own, you won’t find the need to search for happiness inside a store. Capitalism not only depends upon, but cannot survive without your boredom with what you’ve recently purchased. It depends, of course, upon your boredom with what you purchased long ago, but by now those purchases have probably become obsolete.

Depression is big business in America. I’ll wager that just about every single person in America is either taking antidepressants, is closely related to someone taking them, or is working with someone who is taking them. I don’t know what the figures are for sales of depression-related medication, but I think we can safely assume the figures are astounding. Big business pharmaceutical companies desperately want you to be depressed because they can then sell you these products.

Oh, what a tangled web they weave. You can’t find happiness in buying things. I know this for a fact. Do you know how I know this? Not because I’ve bought a crapload of stuff and am depressed. I know this because I see people like Elon Musk and other monumentally rich businessmen who make more money than the gross national product of some COUNTRIES. These people are rich beyond belief. There is literally nothing that they can’t buy. And yet, they don’t retire and live happily. They continue working, coming up with new crappy products to sell us and earn them even more money. You know why? Because they still aren’t happy. They still think if they make just a little more money they will have enough to allow them to buy or do whatever it takes to make them happy.

People are depressed. People are unhappy. People are feeling dissatisfied like never before in history despite the fact that even those who are living criminally below the poverty line own Blu-Ray players and streaming devices and computers and Xboxes. We keep buying, we keep expecting that the latest gadget or the latest pair of shoes or the biggest television set is going to finally make us satisfied with our lives. But it doesn’t. Why? Because the television doesn’t do everything we expected? Because those shoes don’t lift your butt high enough off the ground to attract that guy who caught your eye? Maybe so. I mean, really, did CDs sound all that much better than records? Do today’s computers run any faster than older computers in comparison to the programs you are using? Let’s face it: a new computer might run a 1995 version of Word faster than your 1995 computer did, but I’ll bet you still had to wait just as long for the 2005 programs you really want to run as you did for Word back then or the programs you want to run in whatever year you are reading this. Heck, I’ll bet you have to wait longer. In fact, I’ll bet you spend more time waiting for programs to load and run now than you did in 1995 because the programs are so big and hefty.

It goes without saying that obsolescence is built into every product made. That’s pretty much been the case since time began. But for capitalism to work, obsolescence isn’t enough. Especially in today’s tech-dominated lifestyle. Frankly, things are developing so quickly that companies just can’t wait for a product to become obsolete. Therefore the development of something even better. Instead of waiting for their product to become obsolete, they build a new “improved” version every year or two. And then the advertising blitz bent on making you feel as if you are being left out of all the fun in the world if you don’t upgrade. Not only are you supposed to feel left out, but you’re also supposed to feel, heaven forfend, out of touch. Uncool. Real melvin. In other words, if you don’t own a cell phone that takes pictures and videos and lets you download actual songs as your ringtones and lets you even watch videos then you’re just as outdated as your grandmother who still has, ohmigod, a rotary phone that you actually have to dial!

I never had an iPod or similar product. I love music. LOVE IT. I consider music the soundtrack of my life, something so vital to my personality and view of life that I honestly can’t imagine living without it. The radio stations in my hometown suck so I don’t listen to them; I tried satellite radio but grew tired of losing the signal fifty times a day. I’m not going to buy an iPod or iPhone or whatever replaces them down the line. I know something better will come along two or three years from now, but I won’t buy that either. Until something comes along that is significantly better, I’ll stick with it with stereos equipped with CD players and the ability to play MP3 tracks recorded over to a travel drive.

I want to stick it to big business. I want to bring this cynical, exploitative system of capitalism down. I’m tired of television commercials trying to convince me I need something in order to be happy when I don’t even want it. I’m sick of going to the movies and sitting through five minutes of freaking commercials! Most of all, I’m stick of feeling dissatisfied five minutes after buying something.

There is a growing anticonsumer movement in America and the rest of the world. Some of these activists are growing famous – some would say infamous, but in today’s world I don’t think there’s any signficant difference – with their violent protests outside G-8 and WTO meetings. Frankly, I find it difficult to judge these people harshly when I know some of the tactics that big business take to push their products down our throats. But you don’t need to take to the streets with rocks and molotov cocktails to effect change. Capitalism, as I said, cannot exist without your becoming bored and dissatisfied with everything you buy. It must continually reproduce itself by generating new “needs” and desires for all of us. Hence, bringing down that system doesn’t require violence, or indeed any activist measures whatever.

Bringing down capitalism and holding these companies accountable; ending the million dollar birthday parties that CEOs throw for their wives; shutting down corporate criminals like those who ran Enron and WorldCom doesn’t require troops or spies or nukes. Overturning this enormously unfair and corrupt system requires only one thing: Quit buying stuff you don’t need. And I mean NEED. Next time you are in the process of making a purchase, just take a moment to decide if your life would really be significantly improved by purchasing it. And then judge whether your satisfaction with life would really increase if you bought it. And then remember back to the last time you bought something you didn’t really need but were convinced you couldn’t live without.

Do you still even use it? If the answer is no, then you probably don’t need to buy that new thing either. Become a real revolutionary without putting your life in danger. Stop buying stuff and stick it to the man. You might just be able to give a CEO a salary cut next year so that instead of making 100 million dollars he or she will only make 75 million. And then the next year only 50 million. And hey, who knows, maybe by the time they are down to 25 million dollars they might just start getting the message.

But putting a dent in the salary of someone like the Walton children or, say, Ivanka Trump, is just gravy. The real pleasure that comes from scaling back is something you may have thought impossible. Decreasing your feelings of dissatisfaction.

6 Effective Ways to Beat Procrastination

Procrastination can be controlled. Unlike believing what you hear on Fox News, procrastination is not a medical disorder that requires significant and profound medical treatment. The key to being able to stop the cycle of procrastination is to focus on the causes and effects as well as your own perspective on the importance of putting off things until tomorrow that you know should have done yesterday.

Admit Your Procrastination Is a Big Problem

A tendency among some procrastinators is to view their ability to put off even the most important things until the last minute as a minor human failing. Procrastination is a character flaw and a weakness and while it may not always be a major weakness, it can become so chronic that it transforms into an almost Aristotelian tragic flaw. Take a look at just how big a problem your procrastination is and be honest about how you look at it. If you don’t see it as a big problem, you may never overcome the problem.

Be Realistic About When You Do Your Best Work

I’ve never met anyone who has a problem with procrastination who hasn’t said something to the effect that they do their best work under pressure. In my own particular case…well, this happens to be true. I write better under the pressure of a looming deadline than if I start an article a week before it’s due. This is true of many people who procrastinate, but not all. Assess your situation and determine if you really do superior work under pressure or if you are just, well, a lazy ass.

Quit Underestimating

Another type of procrastinator doesn’t necessarily think they do best under pressure, but rather chronically underestimate the amount of time it will take to do their best. You can easily determine if this is the cause of your procrastination by looking back at projects you have put off too long and being honest about whether you just thought you could do it faster and easier. Get a handle on how long a task will take by researching how long it takes others. You can easily find out how long it takes the average person to write a five page academic paper on Hamlet as well as how long it takes the average person to get a house in order for an appraisal. Start getting realistic about estimation and you may find the key to putting an end to your habit of procrastination.

Compile An Excuse List

Start keeping a list of all the excuses you use to put off completing a project. Watch that episode of SpongeBob SquarePants titled, aptly, “Procrastination” and enjoy the show of how many excuses the sponge comes up with to put off his boating school essay. Start by trying to remember every excuse you ever came up with for putting off doing something and then keep an ongoing list of excuses you come up with.

Stop Thinking You’ll Have Enough Time

You’ve got a week to paint the bedroom before Aunt Harriet comes to stay for the summer. Plenty of time. Before you know it, however, you’ve only got three days. By the time you get around to it, Aunt Harriet is in the cab on the way to your house from the airport. The minute you find out the absolute deadline for your task to be completed is the time to start training your brain to think you will never have enough time to get it done. Work yourself into a mindframe where you never allow yourself to imagine you’ve got plenty of time and you will quickly overcome procrastination.

The Big Mo

Momentum is a wonderful thing. Momentum can a football team from being down 24 points right before halftime to being up by three by the time the third quarter ends. Utilize momentum to overcome procrastination. Once you’ve completed a major project, keep riding that energy into the next project and immediately get started. Those endorphins that flood your body with the completion of a big job can be exploited to get you completely through a much smaller job.

Foods to Improve Your Sex Life

Anyone who has ever watched the Albert Finney version of Tom Jones can tell you that food plays an important role in sexuality. You may be surprised to find out just how large a role food can play in increasing a man’s virility. The association between sex and food is just one more reason for men to learn how to cook.


Ginger has a tremendous effect on a man and a woman’s sexuality. The very smell of ginger is enough to increase the flow of blood to those areas of the body that most need help when it comes to enjoying a sexual experience. The blood vessels open up as a result of the scent of ginger to the point that a veritable tsunami of the red stuff goes straight to the area of a man’s body that most needs the inflation of tissue as a result of the extra blood flow. Once the blood has inflated the erectile tissue, the vessels then put up a roadblock to keep the blood firmly in place in your erogenous zone.


Men who want to last a little longer during lovemaking than they normally are capable of doing should indulge in a diet of bananas previous to the session. Bananas are chock full of B vitamins that assist in the conversion of carbs into energy. Bananas also may play a part in manufacturing testosterone. All of this chemical interplay means that you can increase your lovemaking endurance simply by eating a few bananas beforehand.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is an excellent choice to help your body make that transition from not caring too much about sex to wanting it almost desperately. Consumption of chocolate assists in releasing endorphins which can cut down on the stress that may be blocking your desire for enjoyment of amour.


If you have an aversion to celery or vegetables of all types, it is time to get over it. Celery eaten raw provides a boost of androstene, which is a male hormone routinely used by steroidal athletes to boost their masculinity. With good reason too, as the androstene you get by consuming celery can also work as a pheromone. In other words, if you eat celery, you will be more likely to attract the attention of females on the prowl. Guess what else celery can do. It can work its wonders on women, too. Getting you both in the mood when the pressures of daily life as someone not lucky enough to have been born into a rich family can be accomplished by setting out a plate of raw celery that you both munch on. Before you know it, you’ll both be sitting there naked and eating celery.

1950s Prom Theme Ideas

Retro prom themes are all the rage among the kids today with their 23-skidoo, Hula-Hoops and the listening to the Beck. A prom based on the 1950’s is not quite as popular now as it was during the 1970’s when Fonzie and Rich and the gang were taking us back to the decade of I Like Ike and Marilyn Monroe every Tuesday night. The 1950’s do offer a wealthy of material for a prom theme and like that Australian gay guy who was married to Judy Garland’s daughter once famously sang: everything old is new again.

Beatniks v. the Cleavers

The 1950’s were a high time for exact same kind of facial hair coverage many high school boys sport today. Back then, soul patches, Van Dykes and the often-misrepresented goatee were worn mostly by the pre-Hippy social outcasts known as Beatniks. Opposing the Beatniks were the type of kids presented weekly on shows like Leave it to Beaver. Your 1950’s prom theme idea can present students with the choice of coming as a Beatnik or a Cleaver. Those who couldn’t choose between All-American and the Beatnik can choose a third style popular in the 1950’s: the greaser with his black leather jacket, garrison belts and greasy pompadour. Other wardrobe options for a 1950’s Beatniks v. Cleavers prime them: Poodle skirts, penny-loafer shoes, saddle shoes and two-tone bowling shirts. (I love those things!)

A Rockabilly Prom

Rockabilly comes and goes and it is currently out of fashion, but it will come back into style again just like it did when the Stray Cats and Rank and File were leading the pack in the early 80’s. Rockabilly as a 1950’s prom theme idea gives the guys a chance to go out on a limb when it comes to fashion: rockabilly fashion means getting away from a black or white tux and dressing up can mean rhinestones or two-tone fashion that makes even the geekiest high school senior look cool. A rockabilly prom means playing music from Elvis and Johnny Cash to the Blasters and the BoDeans. Kids who have gotten into swing music will be able to show off their mad skills.

Polka Dot Double Breasted 1950s Dress


From Fad to Eternity

Prom decorations are a great way to showcase your choice of theme. When it comes to the 1950’s, it was one of the most faddish decades of the 20th Century. Among the items that can be utilized as prom decorations that harkens back to the 1950’s are: Davy Crockett coonskin caps, Silly Putty, Slinkies, 3-D glasses, LEGOs and Hula-Hoops. Get a dance instructor to show students how to do popular 1950s dances like the Cha-Cha, Merengue, Stroll, the Monkey, the Chicken and the Cha-lypso for that very brief period when calypso music was the hottest thing going.

A Brief History of the Necktie

Tie lovers rejoice!

At long last, the skinny tie has come back in style. Just enjoy this most fashionable of fashion statements while you can because it won’t last; tie styles ebb and flow with more regularly than the tide off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard. The necktie has a long, long history as an adornment for men and depending up on how strict you want to regard what is and what is not a tie, it goes back much farther than many people might think.

The very first record of what might be termed the ancestor to the modern tie goes back at least to ancient Roman times when soldiers wore a focale. A focale was actually closer to a scarf and it was dipped in water and worn around the neck expressly for the purpose of cooling the body. Good news: the focale failed to catch on as a statement of fashion although global warming could very well bring it back into style.

The necktie as it is properly worn today traces back to the late 1600’s when mercenaries from Croatia hired by Austria to fight the French showed up with a linen scarf around the neck. It isn’t known for sure whether this was a focale or a fashion statement, but one thing is known: the French seized upon the fashionable side of the scarf and adopted it for their own, giving the name cravate in honor of the Croats. Interestingly, the bow tie that became almost de rigueur among American men in the Roaring Twenties also originated in Croatia.

The cravat swept across the English Channel and was adopted by Britain’s King Charles II. It is said that the only thing that spread throughout London quicker than the Black Plague and the Great Fire of 1666 was the fad of wearing the cravat. Even so, it was none other than Beau Brummel himself who did the most to make the tie an institution. Skinny ties would not be too keen on the Beau Brummel look which was typified by wide expansive ties that were perhaps second only to the ties of the early 1970’s in terms of size and inconvenience. In fact, the Beau Brummel ties inspired at least thirty-two different kinds of knots.

Since that time the tie has been a mainstay of the professional look for men. Over the centuries the size and functionality of ties has changed, as well as its primary use. For many guys in college the only time a tie was ever used was to wrap around the doorknob to send the signal they had a girl in their dorm and did not wish to be disturbed. Even so, the tie has still managed to withstand the assaults of the move toward casual wear in the office. Khaki and even jeans may be acceptable, but the very quintessence of professionalism remains the addition of the necktie.

Naomi Wolf's Beauty Myth and Self-Loathing

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The poison that is undermining the gains of feminism, the battle for equal rights and progressive advances in women’s rights to which Naomi Wolf alludes in “The Beauty Myth” is the secret desire within women underlying the face of that struggle to be taken seriously on equal terms with male competitors to achieve that mythical concept of attaining an objectively qualified status of beautiful. The subjugation of women by those men at the top of the power spectrum is, in part, driven by the illusion of objectivity in what it means to be beautiful which paradoxically translates into a lifelong, never-ending quest comprising entirely subjective means of attaining that objective ideal. An objective ideal that is, of course, constantly manipulated and reapportioned by men.

Such control of the image of the ideal directly impacts the means by which women attempt to attain, thus creating within the labor marketplace a space for exploiting this secret desire to the point of female subjugation. Time that could be spent addressing the requirements necessary for professional and social advancement resulting in equal status with the hierarchical power elite in a world where female beauty was on par with male beauty is instead devoted to a repetitious series applications of makeup, visits to hair and nail salons, short-lived obsessive devotion to the latest exercise craze and appointments for cosmetic surgical procedures.

The underlying ideological thrust of everything connected to pursuing “the Beauty Myth” is driven not by its success in making women feel beautiful, but its success in creating self-loathing among women who buy into its existence. This self-loathing is the foundation for the connection between feminism’s ability to make women feel good about themselves and the Beauty Myth’s capacity ripping those hard-fought feelings of self-esteem right out of them. In concert with that ripping of self-esteem has been the transformation of external esteem from the value of domesticity as the ultimate feminine achievement to the attainment of beauty as bestowal of ultimate esteem. The mass exodus of woman outside their captive environs inside the home in the role as domestic partner created the impetus for women to find esteem in work outside the home, thus positioning themselves as equitable competitors to the male workforce. The transition of beauty as the defining mark of femininity rather than the capacity to excel as CEO of the household is a direct example of the power struggle taking place as it plays on the fear of working women being characterized as the woman who must become a feminist because she is not attractive enough not to be. As for whether men could possibly become future victims of a concerted effort to transform the ideological exploitation of “the Beauty Myth” one need only look at the popularity of products like spray-on abs!

Advice for Guys on How to Enhance Sex with Your Female Partner

Relationships of a sexual nature are about more than just intercourse or even the type of sexual activity that is physically incapable of producing offspring. Which brings to mind a very interesting question you should pose the next time someone says that gays should not be married because their unnatural sexuality cannot produce children: shouldn’t that mean that barren women, sterile men and any heterosexual couples who engage in oral or anal sex should not be allowed to marry either? But that’s another topic for another time. This topic is about enhancing sexuality to make it better.


Sexuality at its peak should be all about sensuality. Sensuality is about the arousal of the senses. When preparing to make love or actually making love, a man should attend to each of his partner’s senses. Don’t just leave the television on in the background with some idiotic reality TV show contestant trying to become famous by being a bigger moron than Donald Trump. Put on some music that relaxes her or ignites her. Or, even better for you, put on some music that stimulates her rhythm while she pleasures you so that at times she can be going wild while other times her body can move in more tranquil ways. Put on some cologne to appeal to her sense of smell or get creative and rub a banana all over your chest. Invest in some incense or scented candles to give the entire room a sensual fragrance. Don’t forget to brush your teeth or eat some strawberries or just wash out your mouth with orange scented Listerine. You may think your sexual activity is all about appealing to the sense of touch, but you are probably wrong. Have your lady close her eyes while you kiss every blessed square inch of her body. Run your fingertips up and down her back or thighs. The clitoris isn’t going anywhere, so don’t immediately for it. The longer you put off getting there, the more intense it will be once you do get there.

Invitation to Sex

Foreplay that precedes the act of intercourse can actually begin hours before the big moment. Get up early before she does and write out a collection of notes that you leave hidden around the house in places you know she’ll get to. If your sweet lady is at work away from home, leave the notes in the car or inside her purse. If possible leave the notes actually at her worksite. These invitations to sex don’t have to be Stephen King novels; a line or two is all that matters. Heck, you can even get by with just two or three words as long as they are the right words. Start her day off right by letting her know just how much you are looking forward to coming home at night and expressing your love physically.


Sexual communication should not be limited to groans, moans and cries of ecstasy. Learn to communicate throughout the entire process. Tell her how beautiful she is, sure, but take some chances. Make a joke or refer to what someone you know is doing at that very moment while you are having the greatest time of your life. Speaking during sex doesn’t have to be limited to four letter words. Make the act of sexual congress a time of intense and intimate connection.

Fantasies: Get Over It

Inquire about her unspoken fantasies. This may take a while before she’s fully ready to open up and be honest. Women have sexual fantasies that are still not exactly topics for polite conversation with their husbands. This usually stems from the fact that the husband has trouble swallowing the bitter pill that often arrives in the form of female fantasies. Just because she closes her eyes and fantasizes about sex with a celebrity or multiple partners at once or with doing it in public or something much darker doesn’t necessarily mean that she actually wants to do it. A fantasy about being dominated by a stranger isn’t necessarily a comment on your own masculinity or failures. Take the time to allow her to become comfortable enough to divulge her deepest, darkest sexual fantasies without taking it personally and then respond to the underlying desire that stimulates those fantasies. You just may discover that her fantasies about sex with other men translates into active sexuality with you that taps into your own fantasies.

How to Create a Party Log

Keeping a party log is an excellent idea if you throw lots of parties and want to make sure that each successive party is better than the last one. A party log can help you to understand why one party succeeded where another failed. Anyone who is dedicated to making the party that they throw a thing to last in the memory of all guests should buy themselves a big book and get ready to write a book.

The first step in creating a party log is to record the important elements. You want to write down your entire guest list. You also want to add what food and beverages were served and which of them were consumed and which were left over. Keep track of the decorations and any verbal mentions by guests of which decorations they particularly admired. Write down any games that were played and how popular or unpopular they were. Keep a detailed record of the age groups that seemed to like one game versus the age group that dislike the game.

Your party log can benefit quite substantially from the addition of photos. You might even want to consider putting your log on the computer so that you can easily add digital images. Take photos of the elements of the party that were either successful and popular or not. You want to keep a record of what worked and what failed at each party. Don’t be duped into thinking that just because something failed at one party that it will fail at all; look for the reason behind failure and success.

Keep track of how much food you made or ordered, how many guests you invited and how much food was left over or how many people had to go unsatisfied because you didn’t provide enough food. This is a particularly important thing to keep track of in your party log as it can ultimately guide you toward knowing exactly how much food to order for how many people. This will save money and cleanup time.

An effective element of the party log is the separation of how you planned for the party and how the party actually came off. Draw up a list of what you did to prepare for the party and then draw up another list of how those preparations were put into practice. This part of your party log will provide valuable assistance in alerting you to how well your planning coincides with success or failure of a party. You may learn that you need to put more time into the planning or you may realize that you are wasting way too much time in the planning stage. This twofold examination of what was planned and what was actually pulled off can also give insight into how you need to revise those parts of your plans that failed to come off.

If you are really anal and want a complete record of your party for the log, add in your checklists, timetables, schedules and a list of party element providers whom you can count on to deliver in a professional matter. Keeping track of your checklists will inform you as to what you need to add and what can be left out next time. A timetable will reveal whether you need to plan for some aspects sooner than you did at the last party. The daily schedule should begin a few weeks before the party so that you can record exactly everything you did in preparation for the party.

The party log is an essential tool for anyone who plans lots of parties. It can provide valuable information that you can use to make the next party go off without a hitch and leave everyone wanting more from you. More parties, that is.

Choosing a Hairstyle to Complement the Shape of Your Face

The shape of your head can dictate the type of haircut that looks best on you. While you should not become a slave to what others have determined looks “best” you should at least consider the knowledge gained by others. Besides, we all know someone who transformed their looks completely by changing their hairstyle in a way that better suited their face.

Oblong Face

The oblong face is long, slender and feature a narrow chin. Long hair is not recommended for the oblong face as it tends to showcase the length of the face even more. Go with short hair that avoids parting in the middle. That part makes the oblong face appear even more narrow. Avoid straight hair and go for a curls or a nice thick wave. Bangs are definitely something to consider for those with a high forehead.

Oval Face

The oval face is narrower along the jawline than it is around the temples. The oval face has great leeway when it comes to hairstyles; almost anything goes. You do want to avoid a cut that puts too much hair down over your face. You should also stay away from very long hair if your oval face is considered small.

Round Face

The round face benefits from a short haircut that is swept back at the sides. Bangs are good as long as they are straight across the forehead. A center part should be avoided in favor of a part that is slightly off-kilter.

Square Face

The square face is characterized by a strong jawline. That jawline can be accented by especially long hair, so you might want to avoid that style. Go for anything that helps to soften the features of the square face such as a kicky little short style that sweeps upward or bangs with a part that is off-center.

Heart-Shaped Face

The heart-shaped face narrows from a fullness at the temple to a delicate chin. Shorter styles should be avoided as it makes the face look a little too heavy along the top. Longer hair parted on the side is much more

Triangular Face

The triangular face has a strong jawline that narrows upward toward the cheekbones. Short hair makes the triangular face look best because it acts to balance out the jawline and the cheekbones. A center part should be nixed because it draws attention to the jawline. Hair should be full along the temples, but don’t go too high along the top.