If Trump were Mermaids or Aliens

Watch a GOP politician still spouting the company line on election fraud–someone deep into the abyss like a Mo Brooks talking to Lou Dobbs, for example–and ask yourself this question: If you replaced the word “Trump” with “aliens” or “mermaid” or “Ronald Reagan”–would this person clearly be identified as suffering a psychotic episode live on TV. The fundamental nature of the truth of what they are saying would remain effectively unchanged and yet, because they are claiming Trump won instead of mermaids…how are they NOT still suffering a psychotic episode?

The absolutely unbelievable privilege these people enjoy–yet pretend they are denied–actually now extends to the point of demonstrably exhibiting recurring psychotic behavior that would get you or me tossed into a psych ward in a heartbeat and nobody even bothers to question that it IS symptomatic of a serious short-term (let’s hope) psychotic disorder. It’s almost as if because they are an elected politician, we’re not even ALLOWED to suggest what would be plainly obvious to everyone if they were homeless.

Well, guess what: claiming Trump won the election at this point is absolutely just as psychotic and delusional as walking around with your hand inside your shirt claiming to be Napoleon. Two things are demonstrably, irrefutably untrue–and recognized by the overwhelming majority of the population as being so–yet by virtue of the fact that your very own psychosis has been used to convince millions of other weak and gullible minds of its veracity and reject a long litany of judicial mandates insisting otherwise, somehow insisting upon one is obviously psychotic, but insisting upon the other is absolutely not?

I’m wrong, please, show me how. Show me the difference.