Living Room Decorating Ideas

When it comes to living room decorating ideas, you want to focus most strongly on creating an unambiguous personality that reflects the individuality of the household residents. Engaging the talents of a professional interior decorator can easily result in a living room that looks like something out of a design magazine, but the decor may fail to reflect your own character. Creating a decorating scheme for your living room that contains that spark of personality while also hitting all the primary elements involved in effective design can be a difficult proposition. The goal is to integrate each of the individual parts into a coherent whole. This goal of living room decorating is often easier conceptualized than done.

Make Your Living Room Decor Pleasing to You
Successful living room decorating avoids the ambition of recreating an interior design scheme you admire in a magazine or book or on a TV show. Begin by focusing on what elements of decor would be most pleasing to you. If that means a living room decorated in a simple and subtle monochromatic color scheme, then so be it. If you will be most pleased with a living room that virtually explodes with vivid colors and a combination of contrasting textures, then go for it.

Remember Interior Decorating Rules
Rules may not be the most specifically correct word, but interior decorating is historically based on a set agenda of principles that, when followed, help to achieve that integration you should seek. While decorating rules do apply quite significantly when creating a living room that is enjoyable to guests as well as household residents, you don’t want to sacrifice personality just to achieve a design aspect such as proportion or scale. Work the rules that guide decorating into your plan for developing a well defined personality. These rules incorporate effective use of color, a proper sense of scale, the creation of a rhythmic atmosphere, subtle yet imaginative utilization of repetition and a dramatic exploitation of proportion.

Creating a Focal Point for Living Room Decorating
Decorating a living room should ideally begin with the creation of a focal point around which the design will center. Some living rooms are already equipped with a natural choice for the focal point while others will require the introduction of this element as part of the design planning stage. Examples of organic focal points for the living room include a painting, a fireplace, an aesthetically pleasing rug, oversized windows or a central piece of furniture. These are also good ideas for when you need to introduce a focal point. The strategy should revolve around placement of the rest of the decor so that they complement the focal point. A focal point on the wall of your living room would necessitate situating furniture in such a way that the decoration could be enjoyed. A focal point like a furnishing or rug should guide you in the selection of colors to be used either as complementary or contrasting decorative elements.

Make Creative Use of Living Room Walls
Decorating your living room almost always means utilizing a rather expansive amount of wall surface. Decorating living room walls actually provides an extraordinary opportunity for imaginative utilization into your design for a reflective personality. Think in terms of introducing wall coverings that extend well beyond mere paint or wallpaper. Options for integrating living room walls into your overall design that creates a sense of character include paneling, rough texture like stucco, beading, tapestries, mirrors, metal, murals, artworks and built in storage spaces. Another way to make the wall come alive as part of your living room decorating plans is to address each wall individually. You can do this by painting just one wall a bold color. A creative method for lending a small living room the illusion of being larger is to either paint or apply paper with a pattern that provides a sense of forced perspective that will succeed in giving the entire room a greater sense of space.